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Little by Little x Lucy Hutchings

Lucy Hutchings was a couture jewellery designer for Rihanna, Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole but now is known as ‘She Grows Veg’. An Instagram gardening sensation, she has turned her design eye to all things edible, and is on a mission to make gardening appealing to a younger and more style-conscious audience.

Roots & Seeds

Lucy is revisiting her jewellery roots with her latest collection designed in collaboration with Little by Little. ‘Roots & Seeds’ is a beautiful, sustainable collection centred on the spherical seed and elegant contour of the root itself.

The limited edition Collection consists of five exquisite pieces; each making the perfect treat for yourself or gift for someone you care about. This is the most adaptable collection yet, tempting you to get creative with how you wear and how you layer and mix. The pieces also make a truly special gift for work, family and friends with a ‘natural’ essence and meaning behind the gift.

  • Box Seed Necklace, Roots & Seeds Box Seed Necklace, Roots & Seeds
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  • Cedarwood Choker, Roots & Seeds Cedarwood Choker, Roots & Seeds
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  • Taproot Medallion, Roots & Seeds Taproot Medallion, Roots & Seeds
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