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    Our story

    Little by Little it all began… with a pair of optimistic, altruistic students, Georgina & Annabel. Their friendship inspired the girls to risk everything, to do something completely different, that would make a difference to other women’s lives too.
    Georgina swapped Fashion & Textiles for chef’s whites and food styling and photography - writing books with Prue Leith and opening pop-ups, even before there were pop-ups.

    “My passion for food, the visual and sensory appeal of ingredients and the creativity of cooking keeps me true to what I love - bringing people together. Connecting them, nurturing them, inspiring them, that’s the whole point."

    Annabel went from exploring the idea of art therapy to therapeutically making her own jewellery.

    “Friends and mentors who shared my obsession with sustainability (so ahead of our time!) got me fired up to change direction. So I focused my creative ideas into a (hammered out a new) career in silversmithing and jewellery design, determined to bring good decision-making into every detail. And to capture those fleeting moment in times, represented by the aesthetic and symbolic qualities of those natural ingredients that so inspire us both."

    Food and friendship brought them together. As well as a deep-rooted desire to make the world a better place for unseen, unheard women, at home and abroad.

    It felt completely natural to them, to connect the crafting of gorgeous meals, consciously-made jewellery and charity fundraising. Little by Little, everything came together…

    A series of collections themed around fragrant spices and juicy slices; deliciously adaptable, everyday-wear jewellery inspired by beautiful organic geometry and made with sustainable metals in Peru.

    A charitable partnership with Luminary Bakery, ensures that every piece sold provides a day of confidence — and career-boosting training to empower women.
    And in the future? A jewellery-making foundation — to actually be the charity that re-skills and supports. A venue that’s part kitchen, part gallery, part workshop, filled with delicacies and delight. As well as the continued vision to connect and mentor others, through this unique intersection of food and jewellery.

    Because together, we can all make a difference — Little by Little.

    Our name

    Our name

    This business venture was overwhelming at first. It’s so easy to focus on what seems impossible.

    But by breaking it down into easy, bitesized tasks, we managed to stay focused, productive and afloat - in only four years.

    Little by Little also talks about the good we want to do in the world. Small steps, making progress. It’s what we do, and what the women we — and you — are helping to do, too.

    Ultimately, it’s about consideration. Taking time and care over the minutiae of each task, each design and each decision. Because it matters.

    Little by Little, we’re making things right, together.