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Little by Little's ultimate Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

Little by Little's ultimate Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide
From Andalusian oranges of Seville, graphical forms of watermelons, tiny yet powerful seeds of Mustard to the humble Apple Pip.  Get gifting all wrapped up with our jewellery collections inspired by the beauty found in food.  Guaranteed to be an unique and unforgettable present and bring a little merry Christmas. 
Jewellery is the most perfect gift you can give your family and friends, so we have selected our favourite pieces from each collection perfect for gift buying this Christmas.  All collections are responsibly sourced and every purchase made we give money back to our chosen charity Luminary Bakery.  We know the excitement of finding a powerful Little by Little box under the tree!


For the Sun Seeker in your life.

This collection is certain to add a little sunshine to the winter months.  Inspired by the intricate internal and very natural details of a single orange, which highlights balance and harmony.  Our best selling collection is sure to make faces light up this Christmas.  Discover our top 4 pieces from the collection.  

A strong and original gold earring that hangs beautifully.


Simple yet glamorous, the Seville dome necklace hangs on a long pendant chain.


A gorgeously intricate, asymmetrical bangle that creates focus to an outfit.

Two pairs of earrings in one, they provide unique versatility for the wearer. 
For the woman that wears both Gold & Silver!
Our Mustard collection is  inspired by the tiny yet powerful mustard seed with its strong flavour, colour and potential for growth.  We’ve harnessed the delicate and beautiful spherical shape and colour of the seed and committed it to gold plate with a silver backdrop. This contemporary gold and silver combination makes the collection eminently wearable alongside either gold or silver, and holds appeal for those that love to mix their metals. 
This collection will illuminate Christmas wish lists. 
An elegant and subtle yet distinctive pair of stud earrings, perfect for wearing alongside other earrings for a layered earring look.
A chic silver, circular outline with gold spherical repetition.  The necklace has three lengths so can be adjusted as the wearer wishes. 
Long enough to be wrapped three times around your neck, the Mustard Long Necklace looks stunning when layered alongside other gold or silver jewellery. 
For the Glamorous person in your life.
The Pip Collection shows the humble apple pip taking centre stage. The intense navy blue coloured enamel adds a sophisticated edge to the pieces. 
This collection is sure to be received with delight. 
A clever and sophisticated Navy & Gold earring that doubles up as two pairs. Wear the simple apple pip centre's or as an ear jacket with navy and gold rounds. Contemporary and glamorous.
This is a unique spinning necklace that looks perfect alongside our Pip Ear Jackets. The  centre navy blue pip spins when flicked adding a fun and distinctive element to this necklace.
For that Alluring person in your life.
Exploring the graphical form and vivid green found in watermelon slice. Emerald green enamel gives this collection a distinctive visual difference and looks both elegant and striking when worn.
This collection will be sure to raise the Christmas cheer this year! 
These truly unique drop earrings will add statement to any outfit. 
With a nod to art deco this bangle adds weight to any outfit . The green & gold plate compliment each other beautifully and create a timeless piece of jewellery.
A clever and sophisticated earring that doubles up as two pairs. These can be worn with the simple fan centres or as an ear jacket with emerald green wedges. 
A delicate, feminine ring showcasing our signature citrus fan design. The open ends adapt to any finger but for further ease the ring is available in three sizes. 
For the Person who loves everyday glamour
The pomegranate is our latest collection designed in collaboration with Anneli Bush. This collection is a significant symbol of rebirth, youth, fertility, good luck and abundance.  We have picked our 3 favourite pieces that we are sure will add a little more sparkle this Christmas. 
The Double Strand Bracelet is the perfect every-day bracelet, which, as Anneli says, 'is her go-to bracelet, and has a really easy and feminine style.
The hero of the collection, the 'Trio Necklace' gives you the opportunity to purchase the three individual necklaces as a set so you are able to wear them on their own or all three at the same time.
A feminine, pretty hoop earring with 7 round facetted glass seeds attached inside the central circle. To give it that extra detail. Perfect for everyday glamour.
We understand that gifting is a personal process, so for a more personal approach, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help with specific gifting inspiration and ideas. 
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