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The Olive Collection. Collaboration with Georgina Hayden.

The Olive Collection. Collaboration with Georgina Hayden.

Who isn’t talking about Georgina Hayden at the moment in the food world?!

The Greek Cypriot Mama, food writer, stylist and illustrator from North London, with an Instagram following of nearly 100,000 people, has just become Fortnum and Mason’s Cookery Writer of the Year 2021. Georgina’s happy heart and smiley face is at the centre of this Little by Little Jewellery collaboration, and the Olive Collection is very much inspired by the olive groves in her homeland, Cyprus, and her love of natural food ingredients.

Recent times have reminded us of the beauty and the powerful nurturing role of Mother Nature in our well-being. The family olive grove in Cyprus will always be close to Georgina’s heart and thus, with the olive branch as a symbol of peace and friendship, and a bowl of humble olives often as the understated centrepiece of joyful gatherings, seemed to almost inspire and grow itself into this thoughtful collection, almost as if it was meant to be.

The limited edition Collection consists of five exquisite sustainable jewellery pieces; each making the perfect treat for yourself or gift for someone you care about. This is the most adaptable collection yet, tempting you to get creative with how you wear and how you layer and mix. The pieces also make a truly special gift for work, family and friends with a ‘peace and friendship’ essence and meaning behind the gift.

Launching November 4th 2021.

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    Georgina Fuggle