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Mother's Day Jewellery Gifts

Mother's Day Jewellery Gifts

Mothers Day.

Such a special day in the calendar.

The chance to really stop and appreciate our Mums and Mothers. Near or far and no matter what that might look like for you, it's nice to take the time to stop and appreciate what the role of a Mother holds.  

A chance to celebrate being a Mother, a Mummy in waiting or remembering our Mum’s that are no longer with us.

Such a huge role to play in life, don’t you think?

We all have fond memories of our Mum’s growing up. Or the pivotal female role that impacted and shaped who we are today.

Caring and nurturing, educating and influential.  Inspiring. Funny, frantic, crazy or calm! We wouldn’t be who we are today without the memories. 

Mothers Day is the chance to really show your appreciation for all that they do and have done.

A chance to spoil them with your time, your memories and of course some jewellery!

A piece of jewellery is the perfect gift for Mothers Day, something to wear and treasure.  Or maybe you’re a Mum, treat yourself, you definitely deserve it.

Here’s three of our top Little By Little picks for Mothers Day this year. 



This cocktail ring is a really special piece as it holds a special meaning and story. This ring is inspired by a ring given to Annabel from her Grandmother.  Timeless and unique.

It takes a significant slice of the Andalusian orange - found in the Seville collection - and sets it upon a crown setting.

The four semi-circular parts that make up the crown setting,  reflect both light and glamour, bringing the Spanish sunshine alive. Who doesn't love a little something to bring Sunshine into our lives during the winter months? 

It can be worn on its own or layered with other rings.

This makes a really special gift. It’s one of those rings that really makes an impact and gets a compliment wherever you go!


Such a versatile bracelet, combining both delicate and feminine features. Perfect for Mothers Day.

Formed using a silver trace chain, punctuated with gold plated seeds. Designed to be worn alone as well as making an ideal layering companion for gold or silver bracelets. Adjustable, with a mixed metal finish.


This unique spinning necklace that looks perfect alongside out Pip Ear Jackets. The centre navy blue pip spins when flicked. It really is a special piece. Perfect for Mothers of all ages!

Here at Little by Little Jewellery we love stories.  All our collections are inspired by stories, we love creating them and telling them! 

What’s your favourite memory of your Mum and her jewellery?

We’d love to hear about the pieces that have made an impact, the pieces that you remember.

Leave us a comment or head to our Instagram and get in touch there to let us know! 

Love Annabel and Georgina x