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Norwich: the sustainability edit

Norwich: the sustainability edit

"There are countless environmental and social problems created by how we as consumers live our day to day lives. But there are also countless examples of creative ways of responding and doing things differently"

Amy Mcdowell, a friend of LbL, who is flying the ethical flag in all that she does, is living in Norwich. Here she writes about what's hot on the ethical scene. 

She writes, 'When it comes to living more consciously Norwich is certainly moving in a sustainable direction; I aim to take you on a whistle stop tour of some of my favourite independent’s that make living consciously a true joy.

Jot them down (mentally or literally), give them a visit, support them online or use it as inspiration for wherever you may find yourself.'

FASHION / dressing sustainably 


    a marvellous stall found at our famous markets. taxi is full of retro vintage clothing ranging from the 1940s to the early 1990’s and is a JOY to explore

  2. OXFAM

    I know its not an independent but I thought it deserved an honourable mention. it hasn’t been until recently that I have truly got to know them as a charity - they are I N C R E D I B L E and they do so much to combat the issues of fast fashion both environmentally and personally. and BOY do they have some gems from t shirts to sewing machines (which I bagged for £9.99 a few weeks ago) its a must go.


    UEA graduate Ilona founded hemp on toast as a response to the world’s ever growing desire for something new. speaking to the idea that we are seemingly always ‘lacking’. they aim to do the opposite. their garments are designed on the principles of simplicity and versatility, each one made from blends of organic hemp and organic cotton. all dyed using carefully chosen selection of natural dyes, picked for their uniqueness and durability


    Boissière is an independent fashion & textile brand created by NUA graduate Lydia Boissière. The inspiration behind Boissière's designs and prints comes from her Caribbean heritage.  At this very moment Boissière uses paper packaging and bio-degradable plastic and are on the way to making everything within the brand as sustainable as possible - using organic cotton and recycled polyester. Every product is printed by hand, in-house

EATS / enjoying food sustainably 


    The green grocers is an independent cafe, bakery and whole foods shop with an emphasis on organic and local food and drink and it is WONDERFUL (with emphasis on the wonder).


    I spend a lot of my time working and hanging out in coffee shops so it was important to me to find some that do their best to work and serve sustainability. Ancestors is one of my favourites. they are 100% vegan and 100% lovely. what more could you want?


    Born in lockdown maple spinach is an incredible vegan takeaway service home cooked by the even more incredible Ellie Watson. based on social media, Ellie offered everything from sub sandwiches to full roast - you won't find better food anywhere else (trust me!) 

LIFESTYLE / living life to its full sustainable potential 


    Norwich's first Low Waste General Store & Plant Based Unpackaged Cafe. A place to resource yourself, your kitchen, your family, your heart and the planet. Bulk. Eco. Sustainable - it’s an absolute DELIGHT


    a Holistic, Eco-friendly hair salon in the centre of Norwich, focused on sustainable, organic hair care. they combine eco- friendly practices with salon expertise to create a clean living experience. Everything in the salon from the interior to the products we use are environmentally conscious. not only this but they are a holistic salon focusing on the wellbeing of their clients as well as their hair needs. Everything in the salon from the essential oils to the plants, minimal interiors, crystals, biodynamic products and carefully chosen music are there to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed with a enhanced sense of wellbeing. their incredibly friendly and lovely team are as passionate about hair as they are about modernising the salon experience so that it is truly sustainable.


    organic goodness, delivered. Goodery aim to make it easy for people to support local business, reduce waste and invest in the sustainability of our food supply. and they do an incredible job of this by curating a box of goods, delivering right to your door and planting a tree in return.