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Why necklaces make the perfect valentines gift and our top picks

Why necklaces make the perfect valentines gift and our top picks

As one of the most romantic days of the year is fast approaching, we thought we would lend a helping hand and inspire you with our top picks for this special day.  Whether you are showing love and appreciation to your loved one or treating yourself, because let's face it, you do deserve it, we have selected 3 beautiful necklaces that you or your loved one will adore! 

Why necklaces make the perfect gift?

Giving any kind of special Jewellery can be exciting but we know it can be a daunting task to find the right piece.  That's why we think necklaces are one of the most perfect items of jewellery to choose.  Especially for any valentine's situation. 

Necklaces make a treasured gift but the main reason we believe necklaces, in particular our Little by lIttle necklaces make the perfect valentines gift is because of how versatile they are.  With a choice of stand out statement pieces to our pendants that elevate everyday outfits, we have something to suit every style and personality.  

Most of our necklaces can be styled in a variety of ways, giving you or the wearer a choice of different looks.  So not only will they be a cherished pieces for years and years to come, they also look beautifully styled no matter what your style.  Our Little by Little Necklaces go a long way.  

Our Top Necklace picks


From our stunning Wedge collection which explores the graphical form and vivid green found in a watermelon slice, this necklace is a gorgeous statement piece.  It sits slightly raised on the chest so stand outs, and comes in the beautiful enamel green. 

The emerald green enamel gives this necklace a distinctive visual difference and looks both elegant and striking when worn. However, for a completely different look you can also wear it the other way round showing just the solid gold.  

Complete the look with our Wedge Ear Jackets and the Wedge Fan Ring.  


One of the reasons we love this piece so much is how it tells a story of balance and harmony.  Taken from our best selling collection The Seville, this beautiful piece represents the segments of an orange and the plates of a sun dial that could be almost interchanged without careful inspection.  

It is a beautifully subtle necklace and can be worn pared back with all everyday outfits.  

Complete the look with our Seville Hoops and the Seville Bangle.  


This necklace is chic and has a point of difference with it's circular outline with a gold spherical repetition.  The Mustard Collection  is inspired by the tiny yet powerful mustard seed.  With its strong flavour, colour and potential for growth. We’ve harnessed the delicate and beautiful spherical shape and colour of the seed which is represented so beautifully in this piece.  

Complete the look with the Mustard Hoops and the Mustard Halo Ring.

If you are ready to find the perfect necklace then check out these gorgeous necklaces and our other beautiful pieces here...

And for any orders made between now and Valentines Day we are offering a beautiful free gift! Receive a Sloane's Posh Hot Chocolate with your Little by Little Jewellery.  These guys make seriously deliciously hot chocolate as they ensure they put more cocoa in their hand picked chocolate beads so it actually tastes like chocolate! 

Jewellery and Chocolate together? A combination we are sure everyone would love this valentines day! 

Love Annabel and Georgina xx