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3 of our favourite ethical brands to watch out for!

3 of our favourite ethical brands to watch out for!
Collaboration over competition. Something we truly believe in here at Little By Little Jewellery.   There are so many amazing brands out there doing their thing that we are truly in awe of.
So today on the journal, we thought it would be a lovely idea to share the love for our top three ethical brands that we are loving right now. 
These are fairly new brands and designers who all champion sustainability, the ethical design process, charity partnerships and of course the transparency in production.
Values that are right at the core of Little by Little Jewellery. 
They are all doing their bit to produce fashion that really does protect our environment and the world around us. It’s so empowering and inspiring to read the stories behind these brands.
We have summarised their stories, and their USP's but please, go and check them out. We’d love to hear which ethical brands you are loving right now? 
Share with us the ones that are really inspiring you and the reasons why. Come and join the conversation on Instagram! 
What we really love about Bethany Williams is her passion to make a change by collaborating with different charities every season. 

This is her second collection and after the success of her debut collection “Women for Change,” she is working this time in collaboration with the Quaker mobile library and publishing house Hachette UK. 

(Image from Document Journal)

The collection will once again be produced with recycled and organic materials.  Bethany is working closely with Hachette’s printing partners in Suffolk. Together they have taken the book waste to Italy where she has worked alongside the community to weave fabrics mixed with book waste to produce her collections.

In San Patrignano Italy she worked alongside the community to weave fabrics mixed from book waste, waste from San Patrignano and donated pre-production waste from mills in Italy. San Patrignano is an education and rehabilitation programme for people with drug dependency that teaches traditional Italian craft and champions a sense of community.

Outland Denim

Stunning, minimalistic, premium denim. Outland denim source the finest, raw materials from around the world. 

Not only that they offer employment and training to women who have suffered exploitation. 

Add in the fact they have transparency in production to ensure sustainable jeans last a lifetime and there you have the 3 reasons we love this brand so much.  Oh and the pieces are gorgeous! 

We think you will both love their Instagram, their story and Journal so go check them out! 

Paynter Jackets 

You really have to check out the Paynter jacket's website or their Instagram to read their story and fully understand the wonderfulness of it and their brand.

Paynter unique Jackets are made in limited edition batches 300 per batch and 3 batches a year. Hand-numbered in the order, they are sold. 

Once the batch is sold out there is a waiting list for the next, they really are they awesome.

Each jacket batch is based on an iconic style and re-made. Only the best materials are used, materials that last a lifetime.  Supporting, of course, the aim to be a zero-landfill brand.

All jackets are made in an ethical workshop in Portugal by Sergio. The founders Huw and Becky have forged a personal relationship with him to ensure the manufacturing process is second to none.

The other really special thing about Paynter jackets is the community they are building. Customer feedback is installed into the next batch design process. 

A brand with ears and eyes that really is making a difference.

We love finding new brands, especially ones that share similar values to us and are really trying to make a difference.  Please let us know your faves too! 

Love Annabel and Georgina x